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Pearl Bass Tromme Pedal P-930

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Pearl’s P930 Longboard Pedal merges many of the advanced features of our Flagship Demon Drive with our Award winning Eliminator line to create a bass drum pedal never before available in this price range.
High end performance inspired from our Demon Drive like the longboard footboard, Control Core beater and our Click-Lock spring tension keepers combine with our PowerShifter and Eliminator style cam technology that uses our Perfect Circle cam with a removable Orange Progressive Cam for fully tunable performance and lightning speed and control. If you want fast feet and you’re on a budget, Pearl’s P930 is the ultimate pedal to step up to.
A P930 Longboard Double Pedal and Double Pedal Conversion Kit are also available.
Drive Single Chain
Cam Perfect Circle Cam w/ Removable Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam
Footboard Demon Style PowerShifter Function Longboard –  U.S. Patent #5574237
Beater Control Core Duo Beater –  U.S. Patent #7626108
Beater Angle Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle
Spring Roller FrictionLess Roller


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