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Orange Crush Bass 100

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Crush Bass 100 CR100BC bassforsterker
Basförstärkarcombo 100 watt, 1×15” med portat kabinett för bästa basrespons, 3-bands EQ med parametrisk mid-kontroll, Gain med separat Blend-kontroll, inbyggd stämapparat, hörlursutgång med Cabsim högtalaremulering, effektretur och AUX-ingång för backing tracks. En perfekt förstärkare för klubbgig och replokal, med klassisk analog ton och enastående byggkvalité till ett lågt pris.
Taking elements from our flagship 4 Stroke and OB1 series bass amps, and with enough power for smaller venues, the Crush Bass 100 is a seriously versatile combo in both sound and application. Using high-end engineering techniques not usually found on combos of this type, the key to the Crush Bass 100’s immensely fat and detailed tone is the amplifier’s 100 Watt output section. The choice of discrete components (rather than common integrated circuits) gives the amp sensational levels of clarity across the entire spectrum, and the internal 15” speaker means that even the most subterranean frequencies come through loud and clear.
Coupled to the output stage is an equally powerful preamp. The active EQ section with its sweepable parametric mid band allows players to fine tune the Crush Bass 100 to any style, plus our ‘bi-amp’ inspired Gain and Blend circuit adds even more tonal variety. These interactive controls add extra harmonic content and variable levels of grit to the core bass tone, perfect for creating earthy vintage riffs or even savagely distorted mayhem, without ever losing the all-important low end. They can also be switched in remotely via the optional footswitch. Along with a balanced line output, the Crush Bass 100 also has a buffered effects loop, an integrated tuner, aux. input and a Cabsim-loaded headphone output for silent practice. From the bedroom to the stage, this amp covers all bases.
Transistorkombo Bas
3-Band med svepbar mid
1 x 15 Crush Högtalare
51 x 55 x 35,5cm


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